Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Growth

We have decided to try and grow a few things in containers on our patio. And to log our progress occasionally here.
Madevilla... love it!

Ash's Begonia

Bell peppers on the bottom and cucumber on top
radishes and lettuce mix

pan patty squash plant

Our very humble little container garden has already brought so much enjoyment and fun to us. We had fun planting and excitement comes everytime we see how much our plants have grown.  It feels like spring, with new beginnings!


  1. Hello Bren, it is nice to meet you. I love growing things in containers too. Right now I have tomatoes, and some herbs. I came to see the your tea cup post as you signed up for it on my or Martha's site. Did I miss it?
    Glad to meet you!

  2. Indeed, spring's a new beginning. Your seedlings are growing already! We still have to wait to plant seedlings outside. I'ts still cold and wet outside. Few more weeks maybe until we can plant outside. I love doing container gardening as well.Have a lovely evening!~Poppy