Friday, May 27, 2011

fun fun Friday

We made a spontaneous stop today in Newport Beach...

Thirty minutes is all the parking meter would allow us....
parking was almost impossible...

thought about a stroll down the pier... but

the boardwalk stands looked so tempting, we got lunch instead...and headed for the water of course...

no use going to the pacific ocean if you cant put your toes in the water

or search for sea shells...

Just as we began to get carried away, playing in the surf...
We realized it had been 4o minutes and our parking meter would be up... so we ran , wet, sandy, happy and carefree, back to our parking space. Got home with pockets full of seashells...

And some great memories made today!!!


  1. Great pics, Bren! It looks like it was beautiful there.

  2. You just have to LOVE the toes in the surf!!! And great shell finds. What will you do with them? Did you find any Sea Glass? That's my favorite! Have a safe & happy Holiday weekend. Charlene

  3. Oh my gosh, my mom is in California and she went to Newport today too! You probably saw her and didn't know it! lol

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with smiles.

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Too bad the parking was such a problem. Looks like you're off to a good start with those sea can create your own seahorse:-) Thanks for visiting with me....hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  5. I'm headed to the Gulf Coast next weekend! I cannot wait! I'm an avid sheller/beachcomber, and I'm hoping to find many shells to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Bren!

    Now, I'm off to check out your pink lemonade pie!

  6. I love Newport Beach...but have to agree with you. Sometimes looking for the parking is not the most pleasant thing to do! :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I gotta take my kids there to pick some sea shells soon! The weather is lovely outside.

    By the way, I'm hosting 2 Giveaways on my blog, please stop by to enter when you have a chance. One for $50 Thrive products and another one for baking molds and more. Have a wonderful weekend.