Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top Ten List

I have decided to join the Top Ten List over at Beths sorry i couldnt get the picture button to link.

Okay, so this week is top ten favorites that start with the letter "G"

1. God
3. Giggles
4. Grands(be it grandkids or grandparents)
5. Gifts
6. Green Nature
7. Gadgets ( especially kitchen gadgets)
8. Girls night in...(at our house this means, popcorn, craft fest,movies, random dancing and painted toenails)
9. Gazing ( especially stargazing or cloud gazing)
10. Gathering( favorite things, favorite people)


  1. Great Gathering of G things! (Not to be confused with G-strings!) Thanks for joining in! That button is the most contrary thing I have EVER created! I'm not sure why the code in that one is so finicky! Thanks for being persistent!

  2. I love kitchen gadets, too. My Pampered Chef rep LOVES me. LOL The girls' nights in sound like a lot of fun.

  3. Hi!
    Love your list. I've got twin grandbabies. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. God and Grace. My two favorites! (Oh, and I am almost positive that there will be popcorn for Girls' Nights in heaven.)
    I am a dear friend of Marcia's from Home is Where One Heart Is. I am totally looking forward to your Christmas in July week!
    Just wanted to come say HI and that I pray you are blessed!

  5. I have found many G's. Great list!
    ~Naila Moon